We'll Always Have Paris

Since I can remember, it's been a dream of mine to visit Europe and explore the other side of the world. Luckily, my parents also shared the same dream and during the summer of 2015, after I graduated college and my younger brother Dom graduated high school, we went on a family trip to our dream destination.

Of course, who doesn't have the desire to visit the beautiful and magical city of Paris? 

This trip was extremely eye-opening to me. Growing up, I've always wanted to travel the world and explore everything it had to offer. After coming home from the best trip of my life, I realized that it was the first step in that direction. I suddenly had the urge to continue traveling. I wanted to try new foods, experience different cultures, learn new languages, go on daring adventures, and take risks. 

Before, I used to solely lust after material goods. I mean, this blog started out as a fashion blog for me to express my style. Comparing myself to other bloggers, I thought having the best and trendiest clothes and shoes would make me stand out, but I soon found myself losing money without anything to show for it. I was trying to prove myself for the wrong reasons.

Now, I want to dedicate my time and invest in traveling and experiences. I don't ever want to ask myself 'should I do it?' ever again, and instead, just book the plane ticket to where ever I want to go and let everything else fall into place.

I want to invest in memories, adventures, exploration, and self-discovery.


The view from our quaint hotel room was an elementary schoolyard. At first, I was unsure of why there was a school so close to a hotel, but as the days went on, I actually liked seeing how happy the little kids were, playing outside during recess and enjoying their time with friends (probably the only time I was ever tolerant of being that close to screaming children). 

What I fell in love with most in Paris was the beautiful architecture. Every building seemed to blend into each other despite the difference in modern and vintage styles. I also love the little glimpses of nature within the large city, with the Seine River running through and various large parks that decorated the metropolitan areas. 

I also noticed that the locals were always dressed well. Not in a way that made it seemed as if they had just stepped off the runway, but I don't recall ever finding one local Parisian in sweats or slouchy clothing. Each person was well put together.

As I expected, Paris has become my favorite travel destination in the entire world - I'm in love with the Parisian lights. 


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