Class of 2015

Four years of stress eating, hair pulling, naps, and procrastination has come down to what this month of May brings for millions of students across the country:


Okay, so there may have been some actual studying and work done in between that time. But we tend to focus on what we did with the time when we werent buried in books that cost more than a brand new iPhone to make us feel like we actually lived a little, right?

Whether it's high school or college, being a graduate is something to be proud of. There are people in less develop countries that dream of getting the education we're privileged with in America. Sure, if you took loans out like I did, you'll already be in debt the second you step off that stage with the most expensive piece of paper in your hands, but trust me when I say that an education, no matter what the cost, is always going to be worth it.

There were plenty of times - mainly during midterms and finals season - when I wanted to throw all my books out the window and just go to sleep hoping to wake up on a beach somewhere far, far, away from school. But no matter how much I whined and complained, I knew that what I was doing with my time, whether it be studying or choosing to catch up on missed episodes of the Kardashian's, it would inevitably affect my future. There never seemed to be enough hours of the day. If there's anything I'll take away from hours in the library and the few I spent in bed, it's that time is sacred and precious - it's the worst thing to waste. 

Of course, there were moments of pure fun and recklessness amidst the academic chaos - it was college after all. If you graduate from a University without having a few nights you don't remember or a handful of decisions you could have avoided, then did you really experience college? I know, I know. College isn't just about the parties and socializing, but I can definitely say that every aspect of college (and I do mean every single part) has helped shaped who I am and my mindset going into the "real world".

College was a great experience - living on my own, meeting lifelong friends, falling in and out of love, building professional's crazy to think that it's coming to an end. I think the best lesson I learned in college is discovering who I am and who I want to be and knowing there's a huge difference.

I guess the point of this post is more of an ode to my college career and a reflection of the best four years of my life. Hopefully, if you're graduating, you'lł be able to say the same and that you too, have no regrets. I have a feeling in ten years we'll be able to look back on these years and just laugh at the things we did and appreciate how far we've come since then.

Congratulations class of 2015 - we did it! I hope you find happiness in everything you do and wish you all nothing but love and success in your bright futures.

Stay focused, stay motivated, and be different.

Good luck. 

- K

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