A Little Piece of Paradise


After just coming back from a recent trip, I couldn't wait to share the fun I had while on the beautiful island of Maui.

Whenever I thought about visiting the islands of Hawaii, I only ever wanted to explore Oahu - I know, right? How basic. I'm not saying that the island isn't great, because I'm sure it's incredible, but it's also the first island most would think to visit. Oahu is tourist central. Well, most of Hawaii is, but Oahu more than the rest. I have a few friends that have either lived there, originated from there, or have also taken vacations there, and they've only had wonderful comments to say about the island, which only deepened my desire to go.

When it came down to planning our family trip, I initially told my parents that I wanted to go to Oahu. My mom had lived there for a year, and they had taken their honeymoon there, so I knew they'd be able to navigate our way around easily. However, my mom immediately shot down that request and suggested we go some place none of us had ever been.

I had no clue about what Maui was like. All I knew was that we were going to be soaking in the sun and enjoying the island life. I assumed most of Hawaii was the same - rich in culture, relaxing by nature, and slow-paced in necessity.

This was the first time I'd ever gone to Hawaii. I had dreamt of sipping on a fresh cut coconut, laying by the beach, with rhythmic reggae music playing, and basking in the sunlight. Now, it was going to come true.

This was also my first time taking Hawaiian Airlines. After about thirty minutes on the plane, I had made a conclusion - Hawaiian hospitality was no myth, and that Hawaiians were the nicest people I'd ever met in my life. There wasn't a single flight attendant without a smile on their face, they possessed a high level of patience and tolerance for demanding passenger's, and I cannot stress how polite these each one was. I knew that if this was my first impression of the locals without even stepping foot on the actual island itself, I was going to love every second of it.

We stayed at the Sheraton Resort and Spa in Lahaina, Maui. With an open floor plan throughout the resort, allowing fresh air and the scents of the ocean to linger everywhere, the views made it just as spectacular. We were surrounded by vibrant green plants, colorful flowers, and clear blue water and sky.

The resort itself offered a lot to guests - traditional luau's, multiple bars and restaurants, outdoor games, beach volleyball, and a water sports shack.

It was a little bit of paradise.

I mean, look at that VIEW. Waking up to that every morning instantly brightened my days.

What I appreciated most about this trip was learning about the people who called paradise home. Not only were they incredibly kind, but they're easy going attitudes made me realize a lot about what life is about. Being isolated on this island away from the busy city life, I was reminded about the most important thing in life - happiness.

Because of the slow paced environment, locals have learned to be come content and satisfied with their simple lives, a mentality that anyone living in the city isn't used to. Growing up near a huge (and very expensive) metropolitan city like San Francisco, it's a rat race to be at the top. Everyone wants more money, more clothes, more shoes, more this, more that, and I admit that I had been heavily influenced by it. Being surrounded by that your whole life, you become unsatisfied no matter how much you have.

This trip made me take a step back, appreciate what I have, and to continue to remind myself that as life goes on, the things that I used to think were important are completely irrelevant to my happiness. It was a much deserved relaxing trip, and what I learned from it has completely changed my outlook in life.

I hope to have many more trips like this, to learn and explore more of what the world has to offer.


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