It's Been Awhile...

More than a year, actually. I've been on hiatus for more than a year. 
I know - how dare I abandon my precious blogsphere?!
I apologize for my temporary Britney breakdown. I lost touch with my passion for a bit. I also went through a lot of hardships which put blogging at the bottom of my list. BUT, nothing can keep me away from you, Bloggerland.
I started a more personal blog, similar to an online diary, where I mainly posted family and friend outings, with the occasional outfit posts. 
Then I realized just how much I truly missed doing fashion posts, not just of my outfits, but discussing current obsessions, trends, and styles. I missed coming home, excited to open up Blogger and discover what new posts I have to read. I missed being able to voice my opinions and share them with an amazing community who share the same passions.
There's a lot I need to catch up on and years of time I need to make up for. Ultimately, I decided to combine both of my fashion and personal blogs together to create my own fashion/personal online diary. 
I don't plan on continuing my blog for publicity or for money - simply for myself to keep my sanity.
And of course, for those of you who take the time to even read this simple blog out of complete boredom, pity, or both (thank you, either way).

So, I'm back. How have things been?


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